Slow-Sprint (SNS), "The Sprint for the rest of us!"
SNS Rules

•0200-0220 UTC Fridays (Thursday evening NA time, DST ignored).

Note: SNS begins at exactly 02:00:00. A participant may not respond to a CQ or it's equivalent more than 20.00 minutes later -- 02:20:00. In other words, if the soliciting station receives and sends the call sign of the responding station before 20.00 minutes after the start, then the QSO can be completed and counted. Otherwise, not.

Frequencies (kHz)

•14030-14045 (avoid W1AW at 14047.5)
•7030-7045 (avoid W1AW at 7047.5 and PSK at 7038)


•Serial number
•QTH (US State, incl. HI, Canadian Province, NA Prefix or "DX")


NCJ NA CW Sprint rules with the following modifications:

•Rules modified to NAQP rules:
◦NA Sprint Multipliers
◦Multipliers: To the NA Sprint list of NA multipliers, add: HI and DC
◦Additional Countries considered by NS/NSL to be valid mults:
1. Trinidad & Tobago (9Y, 9Z)
2. Aruba (P4)
3. Netherlands Antilles (PJ0-4 and PJ9)
◦Multipliers count once per band
◦160 meter QSOs permitted
◦100 watts or less power
◦Scoring is total QSOs times sum of multipliers on each band•1kHz QSY rule for both calling and answering CQs
•20-minute contest period (see Time above)
•Use of Skimmer or Packet not permitted


•No reporting necessary.  SNS is primarily a self-improvement step, helping to prepare you for NS.


Operating Speeds

• Allowable operating speeds between 18-26wpm
• ***Mandatory QRS (Reduce CW speed) for slower stations***


•Use either the NA CW Sprint or Internet Sprint module of your favorite logging program.
•If your logging software cannot add band-multipliers to the score computation, then some manual post-contest work will be necessary to get the total score or use the NS Score Calculator which operates off a Cabrillo file.
•N1MM Logger, TR-Log, Win-Test and WriteLog handle NS completely, including proper score computation. Details are available on the SNS Software web page, at http://www.ncccsprint.com/sns along with specific information on other popular contest loggers. If you can enhance this information, please contact Chris, N6WM

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to the SNS Contest manager Chris, N6WM.

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