NS Ladder Calculator

Use this version 1.27 for the Sprint Ladder.

This version handles dupes properly and no longer depends on the logging program.

NS Score Calculator (NScalc)

Use this version 1.24 for Non-Ladder, "Dupes-OK" nights.

NS Score Calculator (current version 1.24), is a Windows applet for calculating your NS score from your Cabrillo log.  You can download it from here:

Note: NS12x.exe is not designed to be directly clicked on.  The cabrillo file should be right clicked and "open with' should be chosen to open the cabrillo log with NS12x calculator.

Typically you right click on your NS cabrillo file and 'open with' / browse to where you saved the NS
calculator.  NScalc should create a new file with the same filename as your log but with a file extension of '.NSL'   It will then edit the resulting file in notepad so that you can copy/paste the results directly into the 3830 reporting page.

There is also a Linux version of NScalc available here.

Note: the Linux version invokes gnome gedit, however kedit users should still create a .NSL on invocation via standard linux 'open-with' ./ns12x (where x is currently '4')

You can view a simple usage guide for NScalc here:

NOTE:  Previous versions of NScalc (1.23 and below) do not support the new 15M addition and should be discarded.

Thanks to Howie Hoyt, N4AF, for providing these tools.  Please send information on using NS Score Calculator to N6ZFO.

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