NS Logging Software

Most ops in NS and NS Ladder use the SPRINTNS module in N1MM.

NS rules are essentially the NCJ NA CW Sprint rules with these modifications:

  • Rules modified to NAQP rules:
    • NA Sprint Multipliers
    • Additional Multipliers: Hawaii (HI) and District of Columbia (DC)
    • Additional Countries considered by NS/NSL to be valid Mults:
      1. Trinidad & Tobago (9Y, 9Z)
      2. Aruba (P4)
      3. Netherlands Antilles (PJ0-4 and PJ9)
    • Multipliers count once per band
    • 160 meter QSOs permitted
    • 100 watts or less power
    • Scoring is total QSOs times sum of multipliers on each band
  • The 5kHz QSY rule reduced to 1kHz
  • 30-minute contest period

Only the first three differences are significant issues for logging software.  If a specific contest module is not available for NS, then it is probably best to use either the NA CW Sprint or the Internet Sprint module.  Then, modify it to the extent possible and perform post-contest score computation as needed. Please ensure your logger can handle D.C. as a multiplier. For TR4W, this means adding a line to s50.dom (or s48.dom) reading DC=DC.

This is all that’s needed to adequately operate NS.  For specific information on popular loggers, select from the table below: 

Contest Loggers For NS

If your software does not calculate the proper score for NS, check out a nifty tool to calculate your NS score from a Cabrillo log on the NS Score Calculator web page.

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